Course List

Caney Valley Charter Academy provides a unique and innovative educational opportunity for students across academic spectrum that require a non-traditional learning environment to reach their full potential. The charter school creates an atmosphere that enables students to experience a wide variety of educational opportunities not currently available to them and foster a sense of responsibility for their own education. Caney Valley Charter Academy doesn’t rely on the traditional methods that often fail to connect with students. The Charter Academies utilizes a business/industry setting to simulate the world of work and enhance the career explorations experience.

The Caney Valley Charter Academy functions as a “school within a school” as it occupies the southwest wing of Caney Valley Jr/Sr High School. The schools have a cooperative agreement that allows students to take up to three classes per semester at the high school. Caney Valley High School students are also able to benefit from the many elective offerings available through the Charter School. The centerpiece of the Charter Academy is the Entrepreneurship program. Through this program, students actually participate in the daily operation of a small business and it is the capstone course of the career strand.


The Charter Academy offers all of the KSDE required core curriculum through a combination of VPL online curriculum and direct instruction as well as the following electives:


Charter Academy:

Entrepreneurship I, II & III

Leadership I, II & III (9-12 grade) and Intro to Leadership/ Technology (8th grade)

Contemporary Topics

Intro to Mechanical Engineering & Robotics

Sign Language

Career Explorations



Health Information, Environmental Health, Diagnostic Health, Therapeutic Health

Marketing, Financial services, Human Resources, Human Growth and Development



Engineering physics

Video Game Design

Home Design (green building)




WEB Design

Problem Solving

Projectiles and Trebuchets (physics)


Rosetta Stone:

Spanish I, II, III, IV & V

German I, II, III, IV & V

French I, II, III, IV & V

Arabic I, II, III, IV & V

Mandarin I, II, III, IV & V



Dreamweaver CS4

Photoshop CS4